How to Create a Town Watch in Your Community

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Creating a town watch in your community takes people and organization. It must be done right to avoid stepping on the toes of the political establishment. That means meeting with your local town council and the sheriff.

Call your local city hall, and reserve time to talk before the elected council members about setting up a community watch. These people will know the best way to set up a watch and explain the legal parameters of a watch.

The town attorney can explain the best legal structure to set up for a community watch. The attorney will explain what can and cannot be done in a watch.

The council members can explain how to set up the organizational structure. It would include matters like electing community watch officers such as a president, vice-president and secretary.

The county sheriff should be included in the watch. The sheriff will provide the legal and armed muscle to take care of matters in the watch community. It also alerts the sheriff about who is running the watch. The sheriff can also provide training to get the watch going.

Do this, and a successful community watch can be established to provide security to homes, property and the citizens. Still bored? Click to continue: Lack Of Office Accommodation Makes Tafo Town Council Dysfunctional
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Old-Fashioned Outdoor Socials Bringing Families Together

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The high tech world that we live in has caused many people in our society to become alienated from one another. It is not at all uncommon for people living in modern neighborhoods to not even know the first names of the people who live in the homes that are right next door to them. Family members are also becoming increasingly alienated from each other due to reliance on electronic devises. That's why old-fashioned outdoor socials provide excellent alternatives for families and neighbors to reconnect with one another. So if you are feeling as if you and your community could use some real face time, shut off the electronics, step away from the social media and organize an outdoor social in your neighborhood.Get more information here.

Ice cream socials in community parts are great ways for neighbors to connect with others. All it takes it some ice cream and a few paper bowls and plastic spoons.
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There’s No Place like Home: Great Curb Appeal Investments

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Making the inside of your home look nice and comforting is important if you want yourself, your family and your guests to feel happy and comfortable when inside the house, but it is important not to forget about the importance of the exterior of your home's appearance. It doesn't take a lot of hard work or money to give your home exterior curb appeal, and doing so is sure to make you love the way that your home looks. It can also help contribute to the overall appearance of your community.

Therefore, it is worth your while to invest in a few things to add to the exterior of your home. An attractive mailbox is a great start, and it doesn't cost a lot of money. For best results, consider investing in a mailbox that matches your home in some way. Purchasing lawn decorations, shrubs, flowers and trees can make a major difference as well, and there are some plants that are very easy to take care of and that will look good all year long.

Even things like sheds, walkways and driveways, picnic tables, outdoor swings and more can give your home a great curb appeal, and you are sure to enjoy the use of them as well.
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Getting Involved to Make a Safer Community

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Few things come close to the joys and benefits of being a part of something bigger - a community. However, being a part of a community means getting involved and being active - contributing so that everyone can benefit from your perspective and knowledge.

There are lots of different ways you can contribute to a safer and healthier community:

- Start attending town council meetings and get a feel for the issues and concerns happening in your neck of the woods. Opening up this kind of dialog really benefits everyone in the end.

- Join the town watch. And if one doesn't exist, find out how you can get one started. The local law should have plenty of information to help get you started there.

- Be mindful of who your children are hanging out with and find out where their friends hail from. Getting a feel for the lay of the land outside of the community is always helpful.

- Spread the word regarding home safety tips and security to your neighbors. If you got your home security system through any of the numerous sites like, then spread the word.

Maybe it doesn't all seem like much, but if everyone in the community does their little bit, the overall whole will have a much safer and brighter future.
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A Community Watch a Day Keeps the Burglars Away

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Many suburban neighborhoods benefit from community watch teams, but urban areas can also make sure of this crime prevention method. Community members partner with the local police department to devise a strategy to prevent burglaries, car thefts and other crimes in their neighborhood. Through community watch programs, community members take responsibility for their neighborhoods by informing their police department liason when there is suspicious activity in the area. For a community watch program to be effective, community members and law enforcement officials have to work together. Criminals are more likely to target communities without a cohesive team of volunteers. If no one reports a crime in progress, the criminal is likely to get away. On the other hand, when criminals know that they are likely to get arrested because a diilgent community watch team is paying attention, they will target a different neighborhood. Many community watch programs get started following an increase in crime in the area. Fear of victimization leads a lot of people to join community watch programs and volunteer to alert police when they see strange activity in their neighborhood. Community watch programs not only keep burglars away, they create a safer community where neighbors know each other. What's 1 more click? Your boss isn't watching... Community leaders tackle questions about recent outbreak of robberies, burglaries
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Do All a Favor by Helping Your Neighbor

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Everyone needs help sometimes. Some problems can be anticipated and a prepared strategy can be enforced when necessary. However, many problems are unexpected. When crises occur, many people, even those who are normally able to handle their daily life without assistance, are not capable of solving the problem at hand. It is at these times that a neighbor can be especially helpful.

While many neighbors don't know each other very well and only speak in passing, most will lend a hand when they are needed. After all, a neighbor who is dealing with an emergency situation on their own can affect the whole community. For example, a neighbor who is quietly being abused and plans to have their spouse arrested for the abuse can put her neighbors in danger if they are unaware of the situation. Many abusers return when the relationship ends to cause further harm to their victim. If the neighbors don't know what is going on, they not only can't help their neighbor, they may inadvertently put themselves in harms way.

Neighbors can also help each other by cutting the grass of single parents and elderly neighbors. A well-manicured, safe community makes everyone in the neighborhood more comfortable.
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Community Improvement Shoppers Create Town Hall Mall

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There are times when it just takes the work of a community to create change. People that live in certain neighborhoods have to consider the upkeep of the community. This extends much further than just inside of the neighborhood. Sometimes it calls for some community action that goes further outside of the scope of the neighborhood.

At times this calls for things like town hall meetings. People that establish a neighborhood watch are off to the right start. This is how people get to know one another and establish meetings. It is always important for neighbors to know each other. This makes it easier to come together for other things that are formed outside of the neighborhood.

Neighbors that want their community to thrive will take some time to connect to get shopping centers in their neighborhood. This cuts down on dilapidated buildings that can result from neglect. People that fail to take care of their community will see this all the time. Places where lots of stores go out of business will eventually have higher crime rates. The old buildings will get vandalized. People will start tearing down signs and destroying vacant stores. Community leaders have to take action.
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Bring Home the Bacon at Community Job Fairs

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Things have changed over the years. Many people have no idea who their neighbors are. They may have lived in a neighborhood for several years and yet no one every stops to talk. They may wave as they pass by, but no real friendships are formed. Some people like it that way, but in an era when young people often move across country when they strike out on their own, it can be a lonely life. A community feeling is something most people miss. They wish they could spend time with people other then friends from work. Some people have found the perfect answer, they are getting together on a common basis. People from all walks of life are spending weekends doing community projects. They might gather for a few hours on a Saturday morning to clean the local greenway. Families with children can also join in. Professionals, teens, and the unemployed can get together and enjoy doing something to give back to the area they live in. At the same time, they have the opportunity to meet others and often make lasting friendships. This is a great service to the community and a way for people to bond in a way they couldn't do any other way. It is happening all over the Country and it might be the glue that will bond America together.
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Birds of a Town’s Feather Work Well Together

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With the current economy, many community services are being cut back. The fire department, police service and other agencies have had to limit the things they do. In a small town, loosing their only policeman can not only be dangerous, it is a loss of the security that most people enjoyed.

In many areas, people are getting together and addressing these issues. They want to have all the services they had in the past, but they know it is not possible unless some things are done on a volunteer basis. No longer can government take care of everything. They do not have the money, but these things are often necessary. Taking things into their own hands is often a great answer. Local people feel part of the community and have a chance to volunteer as a member of a team. This is what America was founded on. People of all walks of life, getting together and handling their own problems without any outside help. It is truly the wave of the future and for some it is the answer they have been looking for. Join a group of friends and help take care of the community you live in. Not only will you get a sense of fulfillment, but will often form lasting friendships.
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